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Living Image

Setting colors free in the name of evolution


Taking a few megapixel-sized steps backwards


Using color to discover patterns of word usage

Long Exposure

Exploring the display of change over time


Living a life in images

Travel Blog

Visually exploring the world at large

Place in Silhouette

Capturing the essence of a place in its shapes

This Pen...

Finding my true paper self


Turning everyday life into art

100 Word Story

Collaborative spontaneous story writing

A 100 word story is a collection of exactly one hundred words imagined in turn by a pair of people without any planning, discussion, or editing. One person says the first word to get the story going. Another person says the next word. The first person says another word. The second person says another... And so on and so forth, until they get to 100 words.

This project consists of the 100wordstory.com website as well as the 100 Word Story iPhone app, which is fully hooked up to the back end of the site. Using the mobile app, you can create authors, pull in and edit existing authors, pull in recent and most popular stories, set favorite authors and stories, and of course, write new stories and submit them to the site. Currently, you are limited to writing stories with two authors locally using the same device, but fervent development is in process to allow two remote authors on separate devices (whether mobile or computer) to write a story asynchronously over the internet. The functionality of the website itself is currently limited to viewing and browsing existing stories and authors, as development focus has been placed heavily on the mobile app. This is due to the fact that I have found the times when my friends and I want to write 100 word stories the most are usually when we are out and about.

The website was hand coded from scratch and is built on HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and uses a MySQL database. The app is written in Objective-C and comprised of over 10000 lines of fully object-oriented code. The app is currently in review by Apple and should be is now available for sale in the App Store shortly. I would highly recommend trying out the app for yourself on an iPhone or iPod Touch device. To do so for free, simply request a free download promo code from Dan.