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Setting colors free in the name of evolution

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Collaborative spontaneous story writing


Taking a few megapixel-sized steps backwards


Using color to discover patterns of word usage

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Exploring the display of change over time


Living a life in images

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Visually exploring the world at large

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Capturing the essence of a place in its shapes

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Finding my true paper self


Turning everyday life into art

What if we could transform everyday life itself into art? LifeTracks is a planned project which attempts to do just that. People will use the GPS-enabled devices they already carry around with them to track as much of their daily movement as possible. This data will be periodically uploaded and stored online, and added to that personʼs LifeTrack. Each person will select a color for their account, so that all of their lifeʼs movements may be visualized as a long colored line drawn upon the canvas of the world. Furthermore, everyoneʼs personal LifeTrack will contribute towards a communal virtual sculpture: a massive multi-colored "digital string" sculpture that encircles the entire globe. This project requires almost no effort or intention whatsoever on the part of the "artists"; they simply go about their daily lives, and in so doing, draw. This could excite and inspire people, giving new beauty and meaning to even the most mundane of lifeʼs routines.

I plan to implement LifeTracks as an app for mobile devices coupled with a website. I have been planning this project for years, and I look forward to making it a reality when the time is right. I am waiting until I have learned a few more technical skills, and GPS technology is more ubiquitous. In the meantime, I try to carry a GPS tracking device around with me everywhere I go.

  • Watch a concept video showing my GPS tracks from the last 18 months as "drawings" in Google Earth