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Living Image

Setting colors free in the name of evolution

100 Word Story

Collaborative spontaneous story writing


Taking a few megapixel-sized steps backwards


Using color to discover patterns of word usage


Living a life in images

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Visually exploring the world at large

Place in Silhouette

Capturing the essence of a place in its shapes

This Pen...

Finding my true paper self


Turning everyday life into art

Long Exposure

Exploring the display of change over time

Long Exposure is a project that I began back in college under the name "Pixel Breakdown". It explores and expands the idea of "long exposure" photographs by presenting alternative ways of compositing a series of images captured over time and discussing the concise mathematical foundation of those methods.

I still believe this is one of the most exciting image processing software projects I have ever developed, and as a result it has never drifted far from me. I have been gearing to rework it with much more computing power, a polished user interface suitable for public use, and a greater general scope and set of extensions. I am linking to the original "Pixel Breakdown" site because it provides solid explanation and documentation of the ideas involved in the project.

This project currently consists of an application written in Java and Processing. I am working to rewrite it in C++ and Cinder for increased speed, and I hope to include a decent user interface the second time around so that I can distribute the software for public use. A lofty eventual goal for this project is to embed the software into an actual digital camera, so that composite images can be made using one of many possible alpha functions without any post-processing on a computer.