Daniel Bretl - Portfolio for Graduate School Application

Living Image

Setting colors free in the name of evolution

100 Word Story

Collaborative spontaneous story writing


Taking a few megapixel-sized steps backwards


Using color to discover patterns of word usage

Long Exposure

Exploring the display of change over time

Travel Blog

Visually exploring the world at large

Place in Silhouette

Capturing the essence of a place in its shapes

This Pen...

Finding my true paper self


Turning everyday life into art


Living a life in images

I have run my own freelance photography business ever since I graduated from college. It has been incredibly fun and challenging work. After doing it for years, I know that photography is not my true passion, but I will always love it and I do not think I will ever stop carrying a camera with me. It is too deeply engrained as a part of my way of moving through the world.

I have countless collections of photos from over the years that I would be excited to show. I have chosen here a group of 20 images that are for the most part quite recent - to show where my work has been lately - and many of which I believe relate to themes in my other ongoing projects.

You can view the images in the following slideshow, which includes fullscreen support: